Trooper is a blocky, dark yellow English boy.. He is the son of our Parris from her very last litter. He is a very sweet boy that loves all dogs he meets and can be with any dog. He will keep his mom’s lines going now since she is retired. He had a abscess from a scratch that occurred during his delivery mom had c section. Because of this he was bottle fed as momma would not leave his wound alone. The result left scarring that made strange marks on his skin, fur and muscle. You can see the indentations in some of his photos. Though his hip looks strange he was x-rayed before breeding and it is not genetic so please do not judge him by it. It is not hip dysplasia. He is a EIC- Carrier (not affected), PRA-Carrier(not affected) and is CNM- Clear. He is bred to totally clear females.  He has a litter of really nice red pups. His pups are amazing looking.