AKC Denver is a very sweet boy. He is an American/English combo with both hunting and show titles in his pedigree. He is our clown around here and makes everyone smile. He is a very loving boy who is spoiled rotten. He produces some amazing pups with our girls. He likes to wade in water and does not actually swim LOL.  He does retrieve and also enjoys his cuddles. He gets along with females dogs and cats but is the alpha here. He also is our alarm system here. Anyone does anything wrong, or someone going in labor he sounds the alarm. He also love to sing to Randy Travis and Garth Brooks. He has taught a few others his singing talents. He loves food and his favorite is Jif Peanut Butter. He will be retiring in 2020 but staying on with his side kick Tater. They both are very attached to each other and I call them my married couple. He is EIC-Carrier (not affected), PRA-Clear, CNM- Clear.



Dam Ellie